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Proposal in Paris : it is the best place in the world to propose in 2023!

To love, to breathe, to live is the unspoken motto of the streets of Paris. Paris lives with love; it penetrates into every nook and cranny of the paving stones here, spills out in torrents onto the inhabitants, penetrates into their lungs, making them believe, feel, realize what really matters. Paris is built by lovers for lovers, it is a source of inspiration, a source of temptation, a source of something that works directly on the soul. 

In Paris one falls in love, in Paris one loves. This is why you should make for a true romantic declaration of love and the hottest proposals coming from the heart.

And here are five reasons to choose Paris to make your proposal : 

1.The atmosphere of Paris is steeped in love and romance, the inspiration and beauty of the ages. Any itinerary you choose, any walk through the streets of Paris will automatically take on the atmosphere of your favorite melodramas in a historical setting. And believe me, there are enough places to walk, no matter how long you have planned your trip. Besides you can’t visit Italy without tasting pasta, you can’t visit Paris without taking pictures of at least a couple of sights – Eiffel Tower, Louvre and Notre Dame de Paris (the latter is currently in the building woods, but it’s even more interesting).

  1. Paris’ cultural programme is packed with entertainment for all tastes, wallets and interiors. Street musicians and artists, art galleries and opera, graffiti on the walls of modern districts and legends of Louvre paintings, statues, fountains, bridges and arches – literally everything to make sure that visitors do not get bored and have the most diverse time. Much of what you see will definitely make you want to share it with your loved one, because you can’t listen to someone else’s love story and not hold your own love’s hand. 
  1. Lovers of gastronomic pleasures in Paris will discover new meanings for the words “haute cuisine”. A variety of dishes, an opportunity to enjoy both modern masterpieces and recipes from the times of kings, Mediterranean cuisine focused on fish and seafood, an exotic menu “for those who understand” – all you have to do is walk and try, taste and walk. Going is a must, because after a lavish tasting there is a risk of not getting on the plane. And evenings are worth diluting with the famous fondue, noble cheeses, grapes and, of course, French wine, grown and pressed especially for you. Oh, what a head-turning kiss with the taste of these wines… 
  1. Paris is the capital of beauty in the full sense of the word, the capital of world fashion, where the most famous fashion designers and couturiers have worked and continue to work. The variety of shops is amazing and even if you have never had shopaholics, you can still get some souvenirs with the logo of a well-known brand. Moreover, France is the originator of perfumes, the author and inspirer of modern cosmetics, luxury accessories, shoes and much more. And where better to look for the perfect wedding dress than in the fashion capital? 
  1. And of course, why Paris is considered to be the most romantic, the most ideal place to propose. Legends. Legends and love stories can be found literally at every corner in Paris, which means there’s no problem choosing the perfect place to propose. If you want an artistically-described view of the Seine, go for the Promenade; if you want a fifties melodrama, go for the foot of the Eiffel Tower. The choice is yours. 

And to make that choice, you have to try a little harder. It’s not enough to go, you have to organize your trip. You can do this with your own hands or with the help of professionals.

In order to organize your proposal yourself, you need to: 

 – Purchase tickets, sort out visas and documents, rent a transfer, book a hotel, research all points and locations. 

– Double-check itineraries and make sure everything works, how much the tickets cost (some of them can be purchased in advance), and read useful travel tips. 

– Find a place for the most romantic proposal, arrange with the people who will take care of the decoration and organization, make sure everything runs smoothly and without surprises, order music, find a good photographer.

– And finally, try to do it all in secret so that your significant other doesn’t know what’s waiting for her until the very last moment.

In order to contact the proposal  agency, you need: 

Just write to the agency, and then you can relax and enjoy what’s going on. 

The agency will solve all your problems with planning, organizing, delivering the right decorations and everything else. And believe me, everything will be done exactly as you dreamed. Yes, yes, no more “pay extra for flowers”, “you can’t shoot here” and “the price of the booking has gone up by 200%”. Everything is just for you, just like in those magazines, which every girl as young as 12 years old flips through secretly, the ones about the most important white dress. 

The agency will prepare for you a perfect platform for a perfect proposal, turning this event from an ordinary holiday into a new milestone in your life, will choose flawless decoration for your love and organize this event to the last confetti, with music, guests, flowers and all other attributes of a perfect proposal. In addition, a photographer and videographer will provide you with pictures throughout the evening. 

But most importantly, when you contact the agency you can be sure – your significant other at that very moment will not know anything about anything, and you yourself will get that very time which is always missing, to hold hands, kiss and love each other without thinking about anything.

But be careful, this unique and precious moment cannot be entrusted to the first agency you see on Instagram! 

5 reasons why Vika Krol is the proposal agency number 1 in Paris !


The ideas of future bride + the experience of more than 1000 organized proposals by Vika Krol create excellent conditions for unforgettable wedding proposals. It starts with the understanding of your needs and ends with the photographer specializing on the photos and video of the proposal at any time of the day or evening!

2.Attention to details

A wedding proposal is a unique and exciting moment that needs to be organized and planned down to the last detail without forgetting anything to guarantee that it will be a surprise for her: flowers, candles, champagne, decoration and of course photos and videos. And when you do it in another country, in another city, it is very difficult to do it alone. With Vika Krol’s accompaniment, you are guaranteed not to forget anything!

3.Save your time

5 minutes of communication and voila! You can smile, put aside your phone and kiss your future wife! And most importantly you can relax as you know: Vika Krol knows that you want, all the details are specified and you just have to bring the ring.

4.Guarantee of surprise.

It is necessary to create a unique atmosphere in order to guarantee the surprise! It is necessary to anticipate the wishes of your future wife, pay attention to what flowers she likes, maybe she made comments during a romantic movie! Vika Krol will share her experience with you to recommend the best! And as she is also a woman and I know what women want at that moment, she ensures that it will be a surprise for her and that she will remember this moment for the rest of her life!


Vika Krol goes beyond just the organization with the decoration and the pictures. She wants to create a real experience!

She accompanies the groom so that he is relaxed and can enjoy the emotions that his bride expresses! Emotions are very important! Often women cry, sometimes they laugh but every time they are full of emotions!

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