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Best Flower Girl Dresses

At every wedding, there have to be flower girls who light up the wedding, of course, after the bride. The moment the flower girl walks in, flowers are tossed to her as a welcome and to appreciate how beautiful she is. Because of this, your flower girl needs to have a fantastic dress that she feels comfortable in and one that will make the whole church shine and put smiles on the guest’s faces. The best colours for your flower girls’ dress can be blue, pink or ivory, depending on the theme of your wedding.

The weather should not discourage you from getting something that isn’t classy; always look for something that will look amazing on her. The good thing about flower girl dresses is that they are not as expensive as the bridesmaid’s dresses; hence you have many options. However, many brides are usually conflicted about buying a classy dress for the flower girl because they might grow out of it, but it’s not a bother to look nice even if it’s for one event.

Categories of flower girl dresses

  1. Pippa &Juli Girl’s Ballerina Flower Girl Dresses

When you want your flower girl to be in the spotlight, this is the dress you should go for. The dress has a fantastic design, and it also comes with matching bloomers which is something you don’t see every day. The dress is elegant and quite affordable.

  1. David’s bridal double strap flower girl dress with satin edge ham

This is a fantastic tea-length dress, and your flower girl will love the dress since she will be twirling as she walks and when she finally gets a chance to show her dance moves on the dance floor.

Where to purchase flower girl dresses

As a bride, it’s pretty challenging to juggle everything at once because you have a lot. When buying your flower girl a dress, you might not know where to buy it, but this should not worry you. The place where you will buy your wedding dress is the best place to purchase your flower girl the perfect dress. This is the best place because the person choosing your dress will understand your style and choose something similar for your flower girl. If your flower girl is a bit older, like 5years or 6, you could go with them and make them choose something that they like, and if it doesn’t match your wedding aesthetic, you could select something similar to their taste. You could also visit various online shops. If you don’t get what you want from your wedding shop, make sure you get the correct sizes.


Having a flower girl is very important because kids are pretty exciting and will set the mood. You could decide to have only one flower girl who would bring the rings to you, or you could have as many flower girls as you wish. All this depends on your budget and how big your wedding is. Whatever you decide, always make sure your flower girls look vibrant.

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