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Marriage proposal tips

With these tips you can turn it into a beautiful marriage proposal!

There is no better brain training than a marriage proposal: first you must think about whether you want to take the plunge and then how to fill in the proposal in a fun way. Are you going for a proposal and square public, or do you opt for an intimate setting? Will your partner be surprised? How will she react? How does it sound? With this article we help you on your way with a few tips to make it a beautiful marriage proposal!

Marriage proposal tips

Have you been waiting for the perfect moment to propose to your partner for a while? With these tips you will probably come a long way and her dream proposal, which she will soon be trumpeting frequently, becomes reality! A dream comes true!

What does her ideal marriage proposal look like?

The first question to ask yourself is this: what do you think her ideal marriage proposal would look like? As her partner, who knows her through and through, you are the best judge of how she wants to be asked. She may have even given you some hints already. Can’t figure it out? Call on the ‘helpline’ and ask her best friends for advice!

Of course, it’s also your proposal, but you want her to like it and say ‘yes’. If your partner is very shy and you propose to her in a very crowded, public place, she probably won’t appreciate it… And if someone isn’t comfortable, strange things can happen! So, adjust your idea to what your girl likes, not to your personal preference. Does she not mind being the center of attention? Then take advantage of that!

Don’t wait too long with the question

You’ve decided to ask her, you’ve even already bought the ring, but you keep pondering the how and where and when. It just makes you nervous! Your partner probably senses this and has asked you several times if there is something wrong, but of course you can’t say anything… The tension builds and can lead to quite uncomfortable situations. At best the surprise is gone because she feels the proposal coming, at worst she thinks you are hiding something from her, and it could lead to fights. So don’t wait too long if you’ve decided to ask her!

Make it something special

Believe us: every bride-to-be wants to tell a lot about her romantic marriage proposal. A coffee remark like ‘Say honey, isn’t it about time we got married?’ should therefore not even be called a ‘marriage proposal’. So, make it something special, a moment that you will never forget! What about a proposal in Paris for example? It starts with the preparation. Take your time to prepare the perfect proposal (but not too much time, see the previous point), go buy the most beautiful engagement ring and find a place that is special to you or can become special for you and pop the question!

Play with her expectations

We know a couple whose wife has been waiting for the marriage proposal for a long time. The man had already forbidden her to bring it up again, yet on every occasion that was “unlikely” she thought it was finally going to happen. The man responded to this by always creating special moments. He gave her little boxes, which instead of a ring contained a key ring. At the end of a luxurious weekend away, when the woman had already disappointed again that it wasn’t going to happen, he suddenly went down on his knees unexpectedly. Class!

Quality time after the marriage proposal

Imagine: she said yes, but because you asked her during the lunch break, you must get back to work right away. You fall off your pink cloud – BAM! – right back into reality. It is therefore best if you can spend time together after the marriage proposal.

So, Friday is a perfect day, because then you have the whole weekend to enjoy each other and start planning. And how about a holiday? You have plenty of time for each other and can ‘afterglow’ with happiness all holiday.

Please note you don’t necessarily have to get on your knees during the weekend or during the holidays, because you can of course also do it on a weekday. Just make sure that you have some time for each other after The Question, in connection with the pink cloud and the harsh reality.

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