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Making music the heart of your wedding

Your wedding is a wonderful and magical day, and you know how important entertainment is when it comes to how much people enjoy themselves. In fact, the music is often as widely discussed as the food! But if you truly love music, you may want to make it the heart of your wedding. Read on to discover how you can do this.

When do you want music?

When you consider your musical choices for your wedding, you may spend the majority of your time imagining the reception. However, there are many other points of your wedding when you might want to consider live music or even background music.

For example, do you want live music when you walk down the aisle? Will this require two different bands – one for romantic, classical music before and during the ceremony, and a more upbeat band for later? Or might you fall back on playing background music for the ceremony, and maybe think about a DJ for later in the evening? All of these considerations can help you create a truly musical wedding day.

Consider your theme

Introducing a theme into your wedding can help you to make music the centre point of your day. Perhaps you want to go with a classic ceremony but would like a reception that is more themed to go with your musical choices? For example, you could throw a festival themed reception or one with a 1920s jazz vibe. This is a fun way to encourage people to dress a certain way that will look amazing in photographs and keep your theme uniform.

Think about timing

The timing of your music matters – you don’t want your musicians to be playing while no one is listening. Make sure that you give live bands time to play when people will be able to give their full attention, whether they are dancing or sitting down for a meal. This helps to draw more attention to the music itself.

Choose a perfect band

Of course, the most important part of making music a central part of your wedding is choosing the perfect band. Whatever your taste in music, Tailored Entertainment have hundreds of live wedding bands suitable for all tastes and budgets. Live music can make your entire wedding stand out from the crowd and really reflect your personality. Whether for dancing or walking down the aisle, selecting music you love can be easy and fun.

Are you someone who thinks the music you choose for your wedding day is as important as the venue and the dress? You are not alone! With these tips, you can make music the heart of your wedding and have a truly special and unique day.

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