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How to Book a Wedding Venue – A Comprehensive Checklist

Planning a wedding is a tedious task, and you’ll have to make hundreds of decisions. But arguably, the biggest decision of them all is booking the right venue. After all, it’s the spot where you’ll fulfill your dream of saying “I do.”

Needless to say, the wedding venue has to be perfect in every way. The best way to ensure this is through a checklist of must-haves before you start focusing on the accessories you like.

  1. Spacious Hall (or Garden)

No matter how gorgeous a venue is, it needs to be spacious and be able to accommodate over 100 people minimum. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure the venue has enough space for tables and chairs for all your guests, besides the aisle and stage.

  1. Backdrops for Photos

Your best wedding memories are captured once in your life. Go for a venue that can set up a lovely natural backdrop.

  1. Bright Lighting Set-up

Another must-have to take stunning photos is excellent lighting. Especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, be upfront about the lighting setup.

  1. Bridal Room

This should be a priority for any bride. Whether you’re wearing a lovely poofy dress or a sleek silk gown, you need space to change and adjust your look.

  1. A Nice, Big Bathroom

Weddings run surprisingly long. Brides often need to use the bathroom once or twice at their wedding. But a small bathroom can’t accommodate a gorgeous dress with a train. So, you should find a venue that has a nice, big bathroom. Big bathrooms can also accommodate wheelchairs if any of your guests need better accessibility.

  1. An Open Bar Option

Everyone wants to be able to relax and sip on champagne and wine after the wedding. Ask your venue if they have an open bar service, or whether they allow you to bring a bar with you or not.

  1. Parking

Most wedding venues in Sydney have decent parking, but if you have a large guest count, make sure the parking lot and street have enough space. It’s more convenient for the guests and your ceremony won’t run late.

  1. Beverage Service

Whether you want to go around the table making toasts or have assorted teas served after a delicious meal, your venue should be able to handle serving beverages and keeping an eye out for refills.

  1. Rain Plan B

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, find a venue that has a plan B on the premises, such as an indoor hall set-up.

  1. Privacy and Inclusivity

Last but certainly not least, you want a venue that prioritises your privacy. Make sure the venue doesn’t double-book if you’re using less space. Inclusive venues are a must for both same-sex weddings and same-sex couples at your wedding to feel comfortable.

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