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Branching Out into Wedding Photography

Thinking of trying your hand (or lens) at wedding photography? Maybe you are a hobbyist who would like to turn your passion into a career. Or maybe you are already a professional photographer and considering adding weddings to your services offered. Either way, there is always a need for great wedding photographers who are passionate about shooting amazing photos for couples who are tying the knot. Below are some things to consider.

Skillset: Shooting weddings requires certain skills beyond just knowing how to shoot photos.

1.       Planning: Once you’ve mastered your camera you will need to make sure you understand how to organize or prepare for the event itself. Not having a plan and not understanding what to expect during the wedding will leave you unprepared and you will likely struggle to capture everything the couple would want. Before going into the wedding, you’ll need to make sure you have an organized plan.

2.       Communication: This is part of planning but is also important for your work after the shoot. Make sure you have a system to effectively communicate with the couple so that you are on the same page and expectations are set. Failing to communicate can lead to problems during and after the wedding between you and the client. These situations are almost always avoidable and can hurt your reputation in the long run.

3.       Editing and Deliverables: All the planning and perfect shoot won’t mean anything if you don’t have the skills to deliver timely, high quality, and professionally presented photos to your clients. The best way to make sure you’re ready to take on clients is to practice. Do a mock shoot. Play with styles and editing. Research the tools you’ll need to produce beautiful results for your clients. Not only will you and your clients have a better experience, but you’ll also go into your career with confidence.

Acquiring Business: You can’t be a wedding photographer without a wedding to shoot.

1.       Word of mouth: A lot of wedding photography jobs come from word of mouth. Word of mouth starts with you. Let people know you’re taking clients. Utilize social media. Advertise any way you can. Network with people. Maybe even offer a free bridal or engagement shoot, or two, or three! Spread the word and don’t be afraid to ask people to help you spread the word. Contact your former clients from other photography shoots, perhaps through an email campaign.

2.       Online visibility: You’ll need a website, and your website will need to display examples of your work. However, the website won’t do you any good if nobody visits it. Consider content marketing, SEO, and other types of digital marketing to get yourself and your site in view of potential customers. If you succeed in this and with word of mouth, you’ll be on your way to a successful career in wedding photography.

This information should be helpful as you get started. Also, do some research on established professionals like wedding photography Eagle Mountain Utah. This a great way to see what others have done to be successful in this field.


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