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Maharashtrian Wedding In India: Important Things To Know

The first thing that comes to our mind on seeing a Marathi wedding is that their marriage ceremonies are simple, beautiful, and colourful. There are some rituals in a Marathi wedding that both bride and groom have to follow. Generally, Marathi weddings are performed with the guidance of all family members, as according to Marathi culture family bonding is a very strong thread for them to perform any auspicious ceremony like wedding.

Planning Behind A Maharashtrian Wedding Ceremony

  • Month and Wedding Date: June is considered to be the auspicious wedding month for Marathis as they can perform both outdoor and indoor weddings because of the amazing weather in the month of June.
  • Venue: You have to choose a venue according to your wedding theme. Marathi wedding venues are quite simple and vibrant. Nowadays destination weddings are also on the favourite list of some couples.
  • Theme and Wedding Photographer: If you are planning to go with a blend of both traditional and modern themes you have to take the help of the wedding decors. You should also book wedding photographers as well to keep the memories of your wedding ceremony through photos and videos they click.

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  • Invitation Card: Selecting Indian wedding cards is one of the most important things before an Indian wedding. The first invitation is made to Lord Ganesha for his blessings as this is an integral part of a Marathi wedding ceremony. For them, Lord Ganesha symbolises good luck.
  • Carters and Entertainers: In a Marathi wedding, food is very important as it is served to the guests and elderly persons in the family. Marathi cuisine is simple and delicious. Choosing good entertainers is crucial to make the events memorable.
  • Mehendi and Makeup Artist: Mehendi is a very important event in a Marathi wedding. It is celebrated amongst all the female family members of the family. You have to select a good makeup artist to give the perfect Marathi look to both bride and groom.
  • Wedding Outfits and Jewellery: In a traditional Marathi wedding the groom usually wears an off white Kurta with a white thin bordered Dhoti. They also have a gold or red colour stole that wraps around the shoulder and turban or Pheta for the head.

The groom usually wears a colourful silk saree with gold borders and they wear the saree like traditional Marathi Dhoti style accompanied by a Mangalsutra on the bride’s neck.

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Pre-Wedding Rituals

  1. Lagnaach Bedior: It is the matching of horoscopes between bride and groom.
  1. Sakhar Puda: It is the engagement ceremony that is signified by sweets.

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  1. Muhurt Karane: This is the start of the wedding. Here they start making turmeric powder and Sandege in mortar and pestle which is used in the wedding.
  1. Kelvan: This Puja is performed a few days before the wedding.
  1. Halad Chadavane: The Marathi version of the Haldi ceremony.

Post Wedding Rituals

  1. Varat: The process of farewell of the bride from her parents.
  1. Grihapravesh: The groom’s family welcomes the newlywed couples.
  1. Reception: The final celebration party after the marriage. This is done amongst the family members of both the bride and groom.

So these are the plans and rituals that can make a Maharashtrian wedding ceremony so beautiful and memorable.

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