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Different Types of Cardigans for Women to Buy Now

When it is the days of winter, you find it very confusing how to dress stylishly without looking clumsy. Wearing only casual tops for women is not enough. But, wrapping yourself in shawls or stoles or wearing the cliché winterwear is not stylish at all. What to wear on winter days that will make look fashionable and also keep you warm from the cold breeze of winter? Go for the beautiful and fashionable cardigans that will give you the go-to look for every occasion. Here are some of the best and stylish cardigans you can buy now. Have a look-

  1. Cardigans with Belt

Belted cardigans are quite warm and make you look fashionable. You can wear it with pants, salwar-kameez, or any other dress. Usually, such cardigans are long and made of wool, linens, cotton linens, and cashmere. But, such a design of cardigans are for well-toned bodies; if you are a bit plump, you can avoid this style as the belted area grab the attention at the midriff area of your body.

  1. Crop Cardigans

While talking about the stylish cardigans for women, you can check out this style of cardigans once. You will fall in love with it. The length of such cardigans are just below your chest area and made of lacy material or thin fabric. you can go for monochrome colors to wear such cardigans on printed dresses. Crop cardigans often come with buttons or hooks in front of it, but it is also kept open and worn as shrugs. It suits all body types and looks very stylish while you wear it with dresses.

  1. Cardigan Vest

If you don’t want to wear long cardigans with sleeves, you can always go for cardigan vests. These are highly fashionable and can be worn by both men and women. If you wear it with the right clothes, it will give you a classy look. Usually, cardigan vests are made of sheep wool, cotton wool, linen, cashmere, etc. This type of cardigan is long as it comes up to the hip-line, waistline, or up to the knee. As these types of cardigans are available in varieties of designs and bold colors, you can wear those with simple apparel and still look stylish.

  1. Tunic Cardigans

Though many of you think this is a long cardigan, a tunic cardigan is different from that. Such cardigans are knee-length and you can wear those with jeans. Do you want to look more stylish? Wear tunic cardigans with long boots or stockings. Tunic cardigans are also available in various colors, designs, and styles.

So, here are some of the cardigans that you can wear to look stylish in winter. You can experiment with the sleeves, neckline, length, etc. Apart from these, there are zipped cardigans, open cardigans, etc. which are very stylish and make you look wonderful.

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