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What Are the Symbols of Marriage?

Symbols of marriage can vary based on your background and culture. It’s not necessary to get a symbol of marriage for each marriage, especially if you do not have the budget. However, we compiled a list of the most common symbols of marriage that couples try to integrate into their weddings.

These symbols are just what couples usually expect from their marriages or weddings. Not everyone needs something symbolic to make their marriage work, but it’s just a little something that many couples want to experience to seal their marriages.

Symbols of Marital Bliss

  1. Wedding Bands

Almost all couples get wedding bands. Even if it’s just a symbolic ring, couples who wed usually give each other rings to metaphorically seal their marriage. Wedding bands can range from plain to quirky to luxurious. The most common symbols of marriage are Vancouver diamond wedding rings.

  1. Family Approval

While this is not mandatory, it is something that is important for almost everyone – even if the couple is just dating. You always hear about couples wondering when they can meet the family and friends of their significant other. Even though it is not something that should be given so much weight, many couples still want the approval of their family and friends so they can celebrate their marriage together without any issues.

  1. Wedding Vows

Depending on one’s religion, the wedding vows can be taken from their religious text. However, a lot of couples want to recite their own wedding vows during the ceremony. This makes it more personal and heartwarming. Many couples sometimes have difficulty finding the words, but once the moment comes, they can honestly say how they feel about each other once the ceremony begins.

  1. Honeymoons

It’s not necessarily a symbol, but sort of a ritual that every couple wants to experience. Some can’t go on honeymoons due to different reasons, but they almost always try to schedule it at some point in their lives so that they can experience a delayed honeymoon, a second honeymoon, or just some time alone to celebrate their marriage through a trip and vacation.

  1. Proposals

Again, this is not mandatory, but many people would prefer to get proposals. There is also no set rules as to who should make the proposal unlike in the past. So, even if it’s an impromptu proposal or a planned proposal, it is always special for the couple. Sometimes there is an engagement ring, but sometimes there isn’t. Either way, a yes is the best part of any proposal.

What do you think are other symbols of marriage? If you have a specific cultural symbol, please share it with us. Many couples will feel inspired with the time and effort everyone gives to make their partners happy even with small things such as experiencing and promoting their personal symbols of marriage.

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