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Must Have Ideas for the Perfect Night Wedding

 Weddings in the country, weddings on the beach, weddings just about at any location are romantic and dreamy. But nothing quite compares in the romance department to having a night wedding. I have no idea why this concept has gotten such mileage lately, but I have to admit that once I saw even one picture of it on Pinterest, I knew it was the one that would snag plenty of brides.

So what is it that makes a night wedding so much more romantic? Could it be the lights? How about the idea of romance and the dark? Whatever it is, the idea of celebrating at night means you need a whole new batch of cool ideas for decorating that location. Everything from looking at great wedding send off ideas from Sparklers Online to drooling over handmade wedding dresses at Etsy are going to be the input you will be trolling for now. Looking for more ideas? We got you covered right here!

Let it Sparkle

Nothing quite works for a night wedding like the use of sparkles all across the décor. It can include everything from golden spray-painted mason jars for candle holders at tables to little sparkly lights in the guest tent. For a country wedding, why not a stepladder or three scattered around the dinner tables with mason jars filled with tiny white lights? If there is a big tree somewhere on the property where you plan to be married, hanging lanterns from its branches will give a different kind of glow at night from simply stringing it with Christmas tree lights.

Moons and Stars

Nothing quite says night like the symbols of the moon and the stars. They also make amazing looking themes for a wedding at night. After all, we all know that love blooms under the moon and we all wish for love on the first star of the night. If you plan to have a tent for the wedding reception, why not hang moons and stars from the rafters? The same goes for lighting up the walkway to the wedding reception with little lit stars and moons or scattering tiny stars on the midnight blue tablecloths. Night weddings were made for this kind of theme.

Sky Lanterns at First Kiss

We all love the part of any wedding ceremony where the couple have their first kiss. For many brides, it is the moment they have dreamed about since they were little girls. For a night wedding, it can be harder for the guests to really see that kiss.

That is, unless it is illuminated in a special and very romantic way. That is where the flying lanterns come into play. Sky lanterns are a new craze built on an old idea and can be found in several places on the web. Just imagine releasing a dozen beautiful sky lanterns at that very first kiss. Sigh- how romantic!

Find Your Romantic Spot

In the end, it is really all down to what you as the bride want for this night wedding. Is it dark and mysterious, like an adventure? Is it sparkly and romantic like a fairy tale from your childhood? It can even be sleek and sophisticated with overtones of the twenties or thirties and plenty of smooth silver to add to the luster of the night. Whatever you choose, however you want it to be, make it your night to remember.


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