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Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Special Day

A wedding can be one of the most special experiences and events for somebody in their life. Of course, it can also be one of the most expensive items they will ever pay for.

Unfortunately, this leads too many people to refrain from sharing their love with their friends and family, and have a small home wedding, instead.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking for champagne taste on a beer budget, keep reading below for some great ideas to help you save money on your wedding.


Your florist’s bill will be one of the highest of all the invoices you will receive. However, there is nothing which says that you need a florist. Just flowers. Instead of hiring a florist, research some ideas on the internet and print them out. Then, a week before the big day, take them to your local flower market and place a bulk order.

The morning of your wedding, your bridesmaids can collect the flowers and make the arrangements for you!


Stretched limousines and classic cars are a trend of the past, and an expensive one at that. When it comes to bridal party transportation, look through the Groupon Coupons page for Alamo for luxurious rental cars which the grooms or parents of the party can drive.


A good quality photographer can be expensive, and they don’t always get the best point of view. Instead of a photographer, spend a much smaller amount on disposable cameras which you can place at guest’s tables. Encourage them to take their own photos and leave the camera on the table afterward for you to collect and develop.


Most couples choose the date, and then they choose the venue. However, this often ends up with nothing but expensive bookings. Instead, choose your favorite place and find out when they have a cheaper booking. While it might mean getting married at a time that isn’t your ideal, it does mean you get the venue you want.

Double Location

Getting married in a church is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Save your venue costs by getting married and hosting your wedding reception at the same location.

Often these entertaining spaces will include a grass area where the wedding can take place alongside the prepared celebration space.

If you and your partner want to get married, don’t let finances get in the way. Instead, identify each line item individually and think of creative ways to reduce its cost, such as these.

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