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6 Genius Ways to Use Ribbons in Your Wedding Decoration

The best part of ribbons is that they are inexpensive and with a creative DIY, you can make some really cool stuff. The wide range and variety of colors, material, patterns, and designs give you an opportunity to work and create something that will surely be the highlight of the wedding. You can buy the best quality ribbons from Finerribbon.com, which can offer great value for your money.

Here are 6 ideas that you can try for wedding decorations:

  1. Ribbon Bouquets – This is a very simple yet beautiful way to make your bouquets even prettier. The first step is to tie all your flowers together with a transparent tape. Make sure the flowers have long stems. Now cut strips of ribbons slightly longer than the length of the stems. The ribbons should be preferably of different colors. Now using a tape, you can stick the strips of the ribbons to the base of the flowers. Keep doing this till the stems are covered and only the ribbons show.
  1. Ribbon Streamer Backdrop – Another brilliant decoration idea is using a backdrop created by ribbons. For this, you can take a rod and begin sticking the ribbons on it. Make sure you have ribbons of various colors. If the ribbons are difficult to stick with tape, you can loop the ribbons around the rod as we do in a curtain. Once done, you can either let the ribbons fall straight or create arcs on either side. This totally depends on your choice.
  1. Ribbon Garland – This can be used almost everywhere. All you need is a thread. You can attach small strips of ribbons with various patterns. After you have done this, conceal either ends of the thread so that it resembles a garland. You can hang this around the tables for guests or decorate the walls with them
  1. Ribbon Chair Decoration – Even the most boring chair can brighten up with the help of ribbons. You can think of various patterns and decorate the wedding chair in the coolest way possible.
  1. Ribbon Hanging Chandelier – You can also make chandeliers out of ribbons. The simplest way to do is to hang the ribbons from the ceilings and tie them at about half a foot above the end.
  1. Ribbon Invitation Cards– Another creative idea with ribbons is that you can wrap the invitation cards with ribbons with a single or double knot.

So, go rock your wedding with these creative ribbon decoration ideas!

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