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Why Do Kids Love Balloons So Much?

When you look back at the many celebrations you have had in your life you can probably recall many different types of decorations.  As a child, of course, your birthdays may had themes with colorful streamers and disposable tablecloths, with a cake to match. Christmas, of course, had holly and a tree and red and green bows and twinkling lights all over the house.  A high school or college graduation might have an elaborate sign and a wedding might have had floral arrangements and gorgeous tabletop centerpieces.

And out of all the decorations you might remember can you argue that there is anything better than balloons?!  No, really, aren’t balloons just the best?!  I mean, there must be a reason that children love them so darned adoringly, right?

Indeed, there must be something about balloons—just simple gas-filled latex bubbles, basically—that children just love.

Why Do Children Love Balloons?

It might be simply that children love Right Choice Balloons Toronto because they are simple and unadorned.  A balloon can be transformed into so many things!  First off, balloons come in a variety of shapes and colors, so you can immediately appreciate the fun in that!  But also, you can draw a face on a balloon and it can be a character in a play or an imaginary friend.

Did you ever blow into a balloon and then hold the opening tightly to squeeze the air out?  The balloon will whistle or whine.  Remember that? Why was that so much fun?  Well, it doesn’t really matter why it was fun, only those children seem to enjoy it.

Parents, of course, maybe do not like that part so much.

But parents may like that balloons can hold helium, too, or water.  Helium, of course, is lighter than air so when a balloon is filled with helium it will float.  That makes for a fun and very simple toy.  But fill a balloon with water and they become a far more interesting thing.

Yes, everyone—even adults—can enjoy a great water balloon fight!

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