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Reduce the Time it Takes to Choose a Venue for Your Perth Wedding

Shortly after you get engaged, you start thinking about venues. Choosing a wedding location is not always easy to do as you can select from a variety of venues today. However, it is important nonetheless to understand the logistics.

Consider the Logistics and Guest Count

Therefore, you need to know roughly how many people that you will be inviting before you make a location selection. In fact, one of the first questions you will be asked is how many guests will be attending, or the guest count. Whilst no solid count is necessary, you still have to be able to give the venue an idea about the size of your wedding.

Most couples usually have a pretty good idea about the time of year they want to wed. That can also be helpful when you are choosing venues. Whilst many venues might highlight images from a warmer season, ask to see pictures of the venue in the colder months too. If you plan to marry in the fall, for instance, ask to see pictures of the venue in the autumn time.

When You Visit a Venue Is Important

It is also helpful when visiting wedding venues in Perth to make an appointment during the time of day that you plan to hold your wedding. If you have to go back a second time, make an appointment. For example, if you visit a venue at 10 am on a Saturday but are getting married at 6 pm the same day, you won’t receive the same view of the proposed site. Therefore, make sure you visit the site at the very same time of day that you will be reciting your vows.

Pay special attention to the lighting or any cold draughts. When making plans, it does not hurt to bring along your wedding planner and have him or her take a look at the venue. He or she may offer another perspective after he or she visits a proposed location.

Is the Venue Full-Service?

When making a selection, you also want to find out if the venue is considered a full-service location. A full-service venue normally offers everything from table and chair rental to catering supplies and linens. Non-full-service venues generally only offer the space, making it necessary for you to fulfil the other requirements.

Once you decide on the style of wedding you want to plan, it will be easier to make a choice of a wedding location. If you have the theme and style in mind, you can more easily choose the decorations for the event.

Ask Salient Questions

Once you discover a venue you like, make sure that you make a list of the questions that you want to ask. In addition, ask the same question to various people associated with the facility. That way, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page. For example, ask the same questions to the catering manager as well as the business manager or venue coordinator.

Some of the questions you might ask include the following:

  • How many weddings are normally held here in a day?
  • Do you anticipate making any changes to the site before my wedding date?

Once you have received answers to your enquiries, you can get a better feel about how you want to proceed with your wedding plans.

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