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Discover Customisable, Easy to Order, and Truly “Inspired” Wedding Card Designs

There are few occasions more beautiful than a wedding. After all, it’s a day on which you and those you hold most dear come together to celebrate your marriage to the love of your life. Of course, before that date, there are all manner of other little preparations, from the dresses to the cake to the music to every last little aesthetic detail one could possibly imagine. Planning and coordinating all of these different elements can be quite overwhelming, to say the least, which can make it all the more tempting to just overlook your wedding invitations.

That said, wedding invites really are one of the most critical steps of the process. They help everyone from your closest friends to your fiancé’s barest acquaintances help understand what the theme and tone of your wedding is all about, allow them to plan accordingly, and, of course, give them a heads up as to your actually getting married in the first place. Even in the age of Facebook events, it’s still vital to send out proper wedding cards and get real RSVPs from those who plan on attending your wedding. Still, because this is the first impression many of your friends and family are bound to have of your big day, you want it to be as special as the event itself—and that’s where the beauty, genius, and creativity of custom wedding cards by Inspired Design come in.

DIY Options

Are you someone who can’t get enough of wedding planning and needs to have every last detail for your special day just right? Then you’ll want to look into DIY wedding card options. This allows you to customise every last aspect of your wedding invitations, from the paper used to the font, foil, colour, style, and so much more. Whether you’re more of a Damask Mink, Ivory, or Cherry Blossom sort of person, there’s something for everyone.

Elegant Card Types

Then again, maybe you’ve already had countless conversations with the decorator about the décor and gone through three different dressmakers already in search of an aesthetic which works for you and your grooms and bridesmaids alike, and for as much as you want this day to be special, micromanaging every last inch of your wedding cards seems more like an invitation to a nervous breakdown at this point. If this is you, no problem—there are dozens of different preset wedding card types available for you to choose from and customise. Rather than design your wedding cards from scratch, as it were, this allows you to mix and match the best of pre-existing styles to give your cards a look which is at once identifiably elegant yet uniquely you, and all while lessening your wedding planning load. Foil options, embossed lettering, swirls, floral patterns—which you can in turn customise to match your bouquet—and so much more all await.

Get your wedding off to a great—dare we say “inspired”—start while showing off your creative side with fabulous customisable wedding cards.

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