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Wedding Venue – Indoor Or Outdoor, Which One Is Better?

The Dilemma

A wedding is a culmination of vows even when it is in a court. However if it is somewhere spectacularly beautiful, it not only contributes to the beauty and celebration of love, but also becomes a fond memory to look back. But beauty is not contained by attributes: An indoors wedding could be as gorgeous as an outdoors one. Then, how can one possibly make this daunting of a choice a perfect one? Is there ever a definitive answer, or are there other factors involved?


The fun with outdoor weddings is that the beauty of the wedding ornaments and artificial decorations blends in nicely with the aesthetic of the nature. The enriching refreshment provided by the natural environment only stands complementary to the draping and silhouettes all around.

Outdoor weddings allow for one to be in a free atmosphere, with lots of breathing space, and lots of room to move around. The outdoor setup also allows the designer to play around with colours that go with the brown, green and blues in the surroundings: pastels and light shades work in an enchanting fashion with such a set up. Although a little pricier to set up, an outdoor arrangement will put up for experiencing a beautiful day as well as envisioning it, and can turn out to be one of the fondest memories of one’s life.


It can be a bright and sunny drape for one’s big day, or it can be a disaster! Outdoor weddings are fun but only in scenarios when the climate of a place is too predictable to be just right, as it could be, say in Katy, Texas. Katy wedding venues can be a bash to cash on, but what if you getting married in Canada, where it is blazing hot one minute and raining heavy in the next? For unpredictable situations like that, the safest bet is an indoor wedding.

But indoor weddings are not the last resort or a less preferred choice in any way. For outdoor weddings, one has to deal with bugs and mosquitoes, not to mention the breaking twigs or flocking crows. This is not the case inside a beautiful, mystical wedding hall. The great thing about having a wedding ceremony indoors is that the planner has full control of the factors that can make or break the set. Indoor weddings are also cheaper than outdoor weddings, and unlike the outdoor weddings where only a certain entree of colours will go perfectly with the surroundings, one can chose any colour palette they like for an indoor venue. The theme could be as dark as blacks and purples flowing around, with hints of emerald and sapphire blues, or as light as a perfectly white wedding: Nothing could feel out of place.


There are both pros and cons to having a wedding inside the roof or outside, but it all comes down to the fantasy of the perfect wedding that the couple shares. As long as it is your big day, and as long as you are surrounded by what makes you happy and the people who share in your happiness, nothing can spoil the moments of joy for you. Happy wedding!

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