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Choosing the perfect pearls for your wedding

It is well known that pearls are the favorite gemstone of royalty and nobility. They have been worn for centuries by Queens and Empresses. All civilizations were fascinated by this organic jewel of the oceans that makes your skin glow. For Greeks, pearls symbolized love and marriage, while for English leaders they stood for wealth and power. Pearls’ timeless elegance is undeniable. They looked as mesmerizing on Elizabeth I as they later did on Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. Pearls are warm and mysterious and they have been holding the title of one of the favorite jewels from time immemorial. As a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, pearls are extremely versatile and chic. However, it can be hard to choose the perfect piece of pearl jewelry. Before making the decision to invest in a set of earrings, take into consideration the following factors and go to websites that sell pearls online.

The pearl’s color

This is a subjective choice, but you should keep some things in mind before splurging on a strand of black pearls that you’ll wear once a year. Pearls come in various colors and each one is more mesmerizing than the other. Akoya pearls are famously white, South Sea pearls are beautifully golden while Tahitian pearls look exotic with dark hues. You should consider how often you want to be wearing your pearls and what occasions you’ll be attending. For daily wear, stick to neutral colors. You don’t have to go with white necessarily. Lavender, beige, cream or champagne look gorgeous with almost anything and are still chic. For special occasion pearls, go with a bold metallic blue or deep purple.

Carefully consider the pearls’ size

It’s true that big pearls are better suited for evening wear, but they can also work for daytime outfits. One strand of 10 millimeter pearls look great with button up shirts and aren’t too flashy for business meetings. Chunky multiple strand chokers make any strapless dress look ten times better. Go for small sized pearls if you want to relinquish all worries about accessories. Small, delicate pearl stud earrings will go with everything, while earrings with large pearls better complement evening dresses.

Keep your eyes peeled for the luster

It’s tricky to determine the quality of pearls, especially if you’re not used with the gems. An important factor to consider is their luster. Also known as a pearl’s shine, this is made by the layers of the nacre. Sometimes, a high luster hints to how long the pearl spent in the oyster or mussel, and can be a valuable indicator about the pearl’s value. A high luster string of pearls will reflect the light beautifully and give you an instant facelift. Try to carefully examine the pearls before buying them to make sure they are real. Pearls that seem too perfect or too round are more likely fake.

Look for authenticity hints

Unexperienced customers can easily be tricked into buying fake pearls. Keep in mind that pearls should feel heavy and should have a gritty texture when you’re rubbing them against your teeth. The pearls’ temperature can also let you know if you’re looking at imitation beads. If you touch them they should be cold at first and subsequently warm up to your body temperature. Also, no two pearls are identical. If you notice a piece of jewelry is too perfect or too shiny, you’re probably dealing with imitation pearls.

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