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Styling Unconventional Jewelry

If pearls are your favorite gemstones or if your collection is just taking off, you know how versatile these jewels are. Their timeless elegance comes in various colors and sizes, and there are plenty of jewelry styles you can choose from. You can never go wrong with a simple stud pearl earring, whether we’re talking about attending a dinner party or going to a wedding. And the classic pearl choker is a timeless statement piece that instantly adds a touch of understated beauty. If you’re looking for something bolder, add several strands of pearl ropes for a Chanel inspired look. However, if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, we have a few suggestions of unconventional pearl jewelry. These designers took jewelry making to a whole new level by mixing together unexpected materials and bending most standard rules we’ve been used to so far.

White and gray pearl earrings with small diamonds

If you’re not afraid of being the center of attention at parties, add these earrings to a little black dress and a sophisticated chignon for an elegant, refined look. The bold approach on this jewelry are the different pearl colors. They are both stunning and will still look very well put together no matter the color of your clothes.

Pearl ring with tiny diamond

Whether you choose to wear this statement ring on its own or stacked together with your wedding or engagement ring, it won’t fail to stand out. Incorporating a South Sea pearl, a simple and elegant gold band and a single diamond, this ring will look gorgeous with a white, backless top or with a masculine shirt. It can easily be added to a sophisticated dress or to a casual outfit because it has an everlasting elegance infused with an understated beauty.

Yin and Yang bracelet

Not sure how to incorporate pearls in your bracelets without going for the standard pearl strand for your wrist? This cuff has one black pearl  and one white one set in 18k gold and it looks like it floats on your hand. It has a futuristic look, but it’s highly versatile. The colors make it easy to add it to almost any outfit, making it the rebellious alternative to a simple pearl bracelet. Don’t hesitate to stack it on your wrist alongside other bracelets. Be creative and experiment with colors and materials for a bolder jewelry statement.

White pearl meets yellow gold

This combination is simple yet strikingly beautiful. Needless to say, this is a statement ring that looks best on its own, with no other jewelry stealing the show. If you choose this square ring for a night out, keep your outfit crisp and simple for a look that will inspire confidence. If you prefer a colorful attire, pair this ring with blues or greens that will make the gold pop. Red nails will also beautifully complement the white pearl and its rosy overtones.

Three strand pearl necklace with a twist

Looking for an alternative for the classic choker? This statement piece really stands out of the crowd by combining the stark beauty of pearls and a chunky chain. It would perfectly suit pastel colored V lined dresses, but it would also add a wild touch to a black turtleneck. Make sure to keep the rest of your jewelry simple to let this amazing piece get all the attention.

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