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Tips To Make Your First Wedding Anniversary Extra Memorable

First marriage anniversary messages have to be romantic, loving, sexy, cool, and funny. However, there are certain ways to make this the most memorable day to celebrate and deliver your love message.

Tips to make the day memorable

  • Never forget that your first anniversary date is the most vital tip. Forgetful husbands can place a reminder, so that you don’t disappoint your spouse with your forgetful nature.
  • A ready-printed card is identical or old-fashioned. Buy a beautiful card and pen your message. It will display how you can go an extra mile to make her/him smile.
  • Throwing a grand party is a good idea, but spending the first anniversary with one another will be a lot more romantic.
  • An inexpensive gift like a couple of flowers or a box of chocolates will convey your message but there are many other romantic ways to celebrate.
  • Bake a cake that resembles number ‘1’. Surprise them with their favorite sweets, after a yummy dinner.
  • You can even go back to the same place you enjoyed your honeymoon. It can only be possible, if the place is not far. Spend a night there once again and write the best moments of the year you spent together. Each of you can write on different paper and read them together.
  • You can even write the one thing you desire for her/him the next year and hope it happens. It may be about a career or a decision to have a child.
  • Just make an aim to bring a fridge or bathroom mirror. It does not have to be expensive but a memory foundation for the second anniversary.
  • Bombard your spouse with small texts the whole day like – ‘Even after spending a whole year with you, I still think it to be a dream’. ‘Thanks for being a perfect partner, Love you always’. This is the best idea, if you cannot take a day off from your busy schedule or are away from home for some reasons.

Here are some beautiful love quotes for couples

‘Happy first wedding anniversary, to the hot, cute, and sweet husband ever, you just rock my world!’

‘It has been a year but it feels like just yesterday. I am delighted I made you eternally mine. Happy wedding anniversary to my dearest husband’

A funny poke, ‘I hope you bought something nice for me today or get ready for another one year of anger, annoyance and nagging’.

Make your first anniversary an exciting milestone and display your love and appreciation sincerely.

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