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Why An Antique Ring Makes The Perfect Engagement Ring

If you are planning a proposal but are yet to find the perfect ring for your partner then consider an antique engagement ring. Over the last few years antique engagement rings have increased in popularity due to their beautiful styles, unique qualities and romantic historical backgrounds. The engagement ring has to be something truly special to top off that perfect moment, and as it is something your partner will wear for life it has to be something they will love and cherish for years to come. There are many benefits to antique engagement rings over modern pieces, and with a little research you will soon realise what they are and why these rings are so special. We recently caught up with the team behind Antique Diamond Rings  and Laurelle Antique Jewellery  to look at why an antique ring makes the perfect engagement ring in a little more depth!

Romance Isnt Dead

Romance is the main part of a proposal, so the more romantic the ring the better. What could be better than a ring which has seen many proposals and lived through a romantic history? There is a beautiful mystery around antique engagement rings which makes it the perfect ring for a proposal, and even if your partner isn’t a fan of second hand jewellery they will fall in love with the idea of something so romantically sentimental. Second hand jewellery is sometimes something people stay away from. If you stay open minded then there is nothing more beautiful than a delicate, sparkling diamond from the past.

Unique Designs

The unique designs are certainly something which draws people to choosing an antique engagement ring. Due to their age it is very unlikely you will come across another piece the same, and with antique jewellery coming from many eras there is a huge variety of intricate and unique designs to choose from. Choosing the era is an important first step as each are very different in terms of jewellery design, so it is important to determine what style your partner will like before jumping in at the deep end. Whether you are after something simple and delicate or something which a bit more character, there is an antique ring out there for everyone. From diamonds to colourful precious stones set in gold or silver, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.

Knowing The Questions To Ask

Shopping for the ring may seem daunting, however you will come across a whole different world you will have never seen before. Knowing the right questions to ask and what to look out for is important to distinguish whether you are paying a fair price, however it is a fun and exciting process which will lead up to that special day. There are many places you can buy antique engagement rings from markets, second hand jewellers, pawn shops, at auction and even online, so shop around to ensure you find the perfect ring at the best price for you. If you are struggling to decide on the era and design which your partner will love, take a friend or relative to help you and make a day (or many) of it. You will soon see why people love antique jewellery and why antique engagement rings have become so popular when you see the beauty and individuality of each ring for yourself. So if you are planning that perfect moment get shopping today to ensure you get the answer you are looking for.

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