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Wedding Advice for those in Nottingham: Book Early

If you are deciding to get married in the beautiful countryside areas of Nottingham, which can include Sherwood Forest with all of its history of the legend of robin hood then you may need some pointers on the things you should book. Booking early is always essential especially if you are deciding to book during a peak time. The estimated busy period for any wedding is between July and August where people hope for a nice day with the weather accompanying this, most people will book at the start of January once Christmas is out of the way and they want to guarantee their place on the day. If you really want to ensure you get everything you want book then you should look at booking much further forward in November. Although after Christmas you may not know what budget you have left with all of the costs involved in the festive season, you can make a note of the areas you want to spend your budget on and invest in them at that time.

Catering for Nottingham

Large catering companies are available all across Nottinghamshire, these will often benefit those who have loads to handle on their wedding as they will be able to offer a range of wedding packages where they include the cutlery and a range of dishes which can include salmon, chicken and condiments that suit. They will often offer a selection of menus which you will be able to tailor to what you believe your guests will need.

Another option when it comes to food is to look at a catered hog roast in Nottinghamshire. This is great for weddings on a budget or those that want something simple and efficient. You can get specialist hog roast caterers in Nottinghamshire that provide that service as their main focus, meaning that they will already have a range of packages with hog roast included. The packages will also include a range of different meats, such as chicken, lamb and pork with a selection of salads and sides.

Wedding Photography

If you’re looking for a photographer then look for one that has experience with Nottingham weddings, this is because you may want to include the whole Robin Hood theme with them. If you find one online that has covered weddings across Nottinghamshire then you can browser their portfolio to see what they can offer you. This is definitely the best way to choose your photographer since the portfolio of work is what you will be buying into. Remember that it doesn’t have to be a local photographer, one that covers weddings in the Nottingham area could be located in Leicester or Derby, so don’t be put off by their actual location.

You will want to book your photographer well in advance so you can meet with them to discuss your requirements, they will then be able to publish a book of your photos. Remember that this is not something you want to cut corners on when it comes to cost. Unlike a lot of things you will pay for your wedding, these will be photos you will look back on for years to come.

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